#1 Wanting to buy by BobFitzIII 29.09.2015 14:13

I am in Virginia and am looking for Iowa Blue chicks/pullets. I have one young hen and a bunch of roosters. I will soon be moving to Kentucky, so proximity to either is a plus. bobfitziii@earthlink.net. Thanks.

#2 RE: Wanting to buy by Candy442 18.01.2016 08:22


Hello Bob,

Fivewire farm is in mid Michigan. We have a nice flock of Iowa Blues consisting of Charcoal, Smokey, Birchen and now some Silver stock. Our hatching times are April thru July, hatching eggs available starting March 1 for one dozen only. Our flock is small and we are working on perfecting the color of the original line, not necessarily working toward the Standard at this time (although we keep it in mind when selecting breeding stock). What color of Iowa would you like to purchase?

We are Brett and Candy Pilarski on the Breeder's list.

Look forward to another Iowa enthusiast!


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